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Portable, Self-Erecting Silo Requires No Crane for Set-Up Resulting in Huge Cost Savings
Answering questions about the use of powdered sorbents for emissions mitigation in electricity-generating / industrial boiler facilities just got easier. Nol-Tec Systems now offers its proven Sorb-N-Ject Technology in a variety of portable, temporary/demonstrative designs. These systems are small but complete — enabling on-site testing, fact finding, and adjustment prior to full-scale system design, installation and start-up.

How It Works
Our portable configuration simulates full Sorb-N-Ject System functionality, but is designed on a smaller scale, usually contained in two or three units. The first unit holds and feeds the sorbent using a self-erecting vertical silo or bulk bag unloader. The second unit is a semi-trailer housing the components that make the portable system operate: blowers, compressors, heat exchanger, electrical controls, piping, etc. The third unit contains a skid mounted sorbent milling system. Nol-Tec sets-up the system, including hoses to the injection sites. We also dismantle and remove it when the testing and/or temporary period is completed to your satisfaction. You may have already determined the sorbent most effective for removing the pollutants from your emissions; however, if you’re considering various materials, Sorb-N-Ject Technology and our portable system can aid your decision process with thorough and accurate testing.