Pulp and Paper Industrial Process Equipment

Process Equipment Manufacturer
Grinding/hogging/size reduction, shredding Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Company
Metal detection/separation ERIEZ
X-Ray PecoInspX
Air pollution/dust control & rotary valves Airlanco
Camfil Farr
ACS Valves
AirPro Fans
Portable/central vacuum systems Camfil Farr
Storage/silos CST Storage
Metal detection/separation ERIEZ
Russell Finex
Dry additive/ingredient feeding Metalfab, Inc.

Dust Collectors
Camfil APC offers the most technologically advanced dust collectors available – backed by dependable service support and decades of proven experience. Every piece of equipment is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and is supported by a state-of-the-art dust testing laboratory, ensuring a quality product from design to shipment.